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Navy Seals

At the beginning of every AA meeting, they ask if anyone is in their first 30 days of sobriety. As recently as four days ago, I was not willing to raise my hand. I was even going to meetings late, so I wouldn’t be there when they asked the 30-day [ ... ]


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Which Came First?

What do you say to the person who thinks addiction is a choice? How do you respond when someone looks at you and laughs when you use the words alcoholism and disease in the [ ... ]


From Peer to Peer

  • 2014-4-Wuest-Peer_to_Peer-f

    From Peer to Peer: Combat and PTSD

    02/05/2015 // 0 Comments

    I recently had the privilege of interviewing Iraqi War veteran and friend-in-recovery, Rob Ziarnick. He spoke candidly about his experience with PTSD. What follows is a [ ... ]
  • From Peer to Peer

    From Peer to Peer: Mental Health Toolkit

    09/15/2014 // 0 Comments

    I am a blessed man. At age 40, I was badly in need of recovery and was one of the fortunate ones who received the help I needed. Granted, I met the prerequisites of being [ ... ]
  • From Peer to Peer
    From Peer to Peer is a new column by Bill W. Bill brings his life experience to print in a series of articles dealing with the many aspects of recovery. In a series of [ ... ]

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